Invasion of the Tentacube

by Xoth

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whambamsam A glorious, ultra-melodic cocktail of late-period Death and black thrash chock full of great riffs and solos with a delightful twangy bass roiling and rumbling around underneath to keep things interesting. One of those albums that seemingly comes out of nowhere and blows you away. Drop down to your feeble knees and bow to the ooze.
Lukas Shumaker
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Lukas Shumaker I just recently found out about you guys and im really enjoying what I hear. The perfect blend of black metal, tech death, with some oldschool death metal vibes at times.. Really like the production quality, raw but every instrument can be heard in the mix capturing the dirty rawness of the blackmetal aspects while letting the more melodic and technical aspects shine through nicely.. The band is insanely talented able to write in multiple styles transitioning seemlessly between them, playing riff work with a high level of technicality on the guitar, the bassist has some nice bass lines throughout the album (which you can actually hear love it |m|), the drummer is speed embodied not in a overly flashy way either but blisteringly galloping along pushing the melody of the guitars and hellish, just filthy highs of the vocalist to the forfront. All in all this is one of my top 3 or 4 for album of the year, been jammimg it nonstop since i found it.. cheers to the band for this masterpiece, really enjoyed it guys! Favorite track: Invasion of the Tentacube.
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released November 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Xoth Seattle, Washington


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Track Name: Tentacles of Terror
Behold the timeless horror
From the place unseen
Insatiable great hunger
Pines for flesh so lean
Bound by no dimensions
Masters of the art
Ripping through dark matter
tearing space apart

Warps the shape of man
Contracts while sucking life force

Tentacles of Terror
Reach throughout the land
Crawling through dark portals
Feasting on all man
Emanating darkness
Leaking into time
Brought upon the earth
To feast upon mankind

Sickening Soul Siphon
Orphus dripping slime
Sucking through the ether
Dissolve the higher mind
Assimilate with darkness
Becoming nothing

Liquified by quantum slime
Summoned by the ancient signs
Draining essence from your spine
Void your bowels, excrete your soul, then die
Track Name: Antediluvian Annihilation
The saga of man began long ago
An era forgotten by time
Countless aeons pass
Remove the veiling hand
Unearth the true axiom of man

Meteoric wrath
Descended from the bull
Torrents from the taurid
Shattering the hull
Ripples from the abscess
undulate the Urth
Spread across the planet
Endless waves of mirth

Cataclysmic death
Surges from the sea
Swallowing the earth, erasing history
Blackened skies, ashes rise, the core is filled with blood
Hail to the ancient ones
The cleansing of the gods

Secrets lost in time
Knowledge from the past
Suppressed for all to see
Forbidden rite
Forgotten night
Blinded by
Dogmatic light

The horror and the screams
Continents ablaze
Forming crimson clouds
Amnesiatic haze
An everlasting shroud

Under miles of ice
Crushing through the landscapes
Mountains turn to dust
Miasmic choking fog
Belching from the crust

Planet under seige
Paradise destroyed
Ravaged by the elements
Barren frozen wasted land
Diminished by the cosmic hand

Revoking any chance of life
Civilizations crushed
Knowledge swept away
Sewage from primordial sea
Forever lost antiquity

Perpetuates the wicked lies
Covenant dressed in blood
Seals the fate of time
Prepare for the ritual
To sacrifice mankind

Behold… triumphant rebirth
Axiom revealed
The Pillars now restored
Embrace the cosmic majesty
Return to the light
Track Name: Terramorphosis
Signal received from the Terra
Shrill tortuous insulting sounds
What is this dribble?
An offering of peace?
Behold my wrath as creation

This is the end
The end of an age
Horrible taste
Has turned the page

Our era begins
See the new face
Take out the trash
Dispose of the waste

Your crimes against the universe
Will not go unpunished

Shift so hideous
Become one of us
Mutate in awe
Growing tentaclaws
The Cocoon Apocalypse

Shift so beauteous
Mankind evolves
Alter in fear
Warp the biosphere

Two worlds merged
Into perfection
Xoth hath paved the way
Tones of the gods
Blast through dimensions
Shaking astral planes

Tearing apart
Fabric of space
Reality smashed
By spectral mace

Splintered expanse
Creation entranced
Profound advance
Fractals enhanced
Track Name: Transcending the Energy Harvest
Living in a world of futuristic primal man
In a matrix more ancient than Egyptian Sands
A factory farm of sheer human terror
Archons high on cosmic crack
Feasting on the human error

Into a primal state
Led into the slaughter house
Indifferent to your fate

The harvest begins
Screams throughout the world
Appease the psychotic god
Feed the Demiurge

Comes from within
Feel the force
True freedom begins
Ascend the realm of bastard gods
Expose the lies
Destroy the fraud

Behold the tiger's claws
Shredding of the face
Killing the false gods
Decapitate the deities
Raise the heads for all to see

Transcend the harvest floor
Be a slave no more
Let them feel your wrath
Forging your own path

Transcend the harvest floor
Be a drudge no more
Spirit to the skies
True freedom never dies

Surging from the abyss
Webs of horror weave
Entangling all
Mortal thrall
Darkness for eternity

Masters of the World
Corrupted souls of blackened mold
Entombed and doomed in suffering

Silent Lies
From the tongue
Venom drips
The decays begun
Track Name: Invasion of the Tentacube
Portals lance the open skies
Beings from dark dimensions nigh
Hexahedrons etched with signs
Bringing forth a warp in time

Terror from the sky
Hail to the Cube
God is in the shape of hex
From the realm beyond all death

Geometric Horror
Powered by dark magic signs
End the species of the rube
Invasion of the Tentacube

Wretched wings of putrid form
Oozing, dripping, burning

Gateways to the world of Xoth
Open, revealing, an ancient pantheon
Of timeless gods
Worship, ravish, usher in the
New cult of the urth
Slave race enraptured forever
Track Name: Digital Mausoleum
Entranced by an unreal world
Created with machines
Illusions broadcast from beyond
Spellbinding everything
Many live a mortal life
Searching for a sign
A vision past temporal death
Apart from space and time

Ignominious realization
When your spirit flees the flesh
Lifeless digital property
Unto the static aeons test
What to you was once organic
Fractilizes into code
Transgressors of the virus
Replicate and then erode

Maelstrom of spirits
Feeding off the lie
Disillusioned passengers
Crippled at the gates of time

Aware that life is fiction
The pages now erased
Clean for the reset of the terminal
Nihility’s sweet embrace
When the flames extinguish forever
And the essence has been razed
Suffer for the next millennia
Drowned in binary waves

Tearing from above
Pulling from below
Stretched out on the spectral rack
Phantasmagoric blood so black

Syphoned back within
Filling the device
Witness life repixelate
Mausoleum simulate
Track Name: Ancient Sentient Ooze
It came from the depths
Organic unflesh
Oozing and slithering
Taking no breaths

Emerging from the Earth
With horrific girth
A vision for the future
A detestable rebirth

Nurtured, by human waste
Discharge, rancid vile paste
Feasting, without teeth it gnaws
Once mortal scum
Now a sapid meal for a god

Prehistoric pus
Digesting all of us
Long live the new flesh
Eat the blot of aeons past
Spew them out your ass

Digestible degenesis
Hail to your nemesis
It wins, you lose
Down on your feeble knees
Bow to the ooze

Crude disgusting bulge
The weak have been culled
Evolution harvested
It reap what we sow

The slate has been cleared
Humans disappeared
The dynasty of slime
Now rules for all time
Track Name: Universal Death
Sidereal summons
In the dead of night
Lifted from the trance
Hypnotic tremors
Of the transmundane
Calling unto me

From the human shell
Abortion of the soul
Sinister essence
Dripping from the void
Salivating from some malign hunger

Cosmic Invocation
To the ancient empyrean shrine
Deathless Malevolence
Darkness divine

Shadows of the obelisk
Cast illusions in cosmic seas
Wicked gods reigning
Consuming eternity

Emerald Haze
Casting ominous glow
From a far
Oderus fuming
Obscures the galaxy
Putrid vile stench

Horrific sentience

Malevolent force
Radiates from
Celestial entity

Compacting worlds
Sacrificial sphere
Terra in flames

Universal death
Rapturous draw

Insatiable addiction
Burning black holes
An endless black harvest
Of lesser souls